Thank You Democracy

An updated version of the Jefferson Smith logo made for Thanksgiving. Thank You Democracy broadcasts live on KXRY FM, Portland, Oregon’s Radio XRAY every Wednesday from 12- 1:30 pm on 107.1/91.1 FM. Check it out at



Thank You Democracy

I was recently asked by a friend to create a graphic that he could use on social media sites for the show he helps produce, Thank You Democracy. I create the image for their Halloween show, which can be listened to at Thank You Democracy broadcasts live on KXRY FM, Portland, Oregon’s Radio XRAY every Wednesday from 12- 1:30 pm on 107.1/91.1 FM.


The Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil project was part of my year-long thesis at Reed College. I studied Charles Baudelaire’s poetry, and created a book using selections of his work, translated by William Aggeler. I made the illustrations and layout in Indesign and Photoshop, and then etched the leather cover with a laser cutter and printed using an electronic printer. I hand bound the pages and assembled the rest of the book by hand to create a run of 15 identical copies.

Flowers of Evil CoverThe cover in black cow leather.

Flowers of Evil Title Page

Title Page.

Flowers of Evil Poetry Page

Example page of text layout.

Flowers of Evil Illustration

Example page of illustration layout.

Flowers of Evil Title Page 2

Digital image of the cover page, used for laser cutting.

Flowers of Evil some Illustrations

6 of the 8 illustrations used within the book.

Translations of Baudelaire’s poetry can be found at The 6 illustrations, from left to right, top to bottom are; Damned Women, Danse Macabre, Hymn to Beauty, The Clock, To An Auburn Haired Beggar Maid, and Vampire’s Metamorphoses.

Reed College Library Map Grotesques

Two versions of the grotesque icons used in the Reed College Library Map project.Reed College Grotesque icons

This first set was created from photographs of the actual grotesques and were the icons I ended up using in the final piece.Reed College Grotesque stylized iconsThis set was created as an alternative to the photographic versions, but I ultimately decided against them, as the rest of the art that I created for the map had a different feel to it.

Reed College Library Map

The Reed College Library Map project was completed as a supplement to the regular library maps provided. It is available to all incoming first-year students as an introduction to some of the lesser-known services and features of the Hauser Library. The maps visual style mirrors the physical style of the library itself, playing off of the Gothic aesthetic. I created all of the art for the map based on the actual grotesques that adorn the walls. The map folds up, accordion-style, eight times, and then in half, so that only the cover is visible and the map can neatly fit into a wallet.

Reed College Library Map CoverCover Reed College Library Map Foldout frontFront
Reed College Library Map Foldout backBack